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  •  The u-Tee® is the result of years of research, engineering, testing, and development.  A descendant of Harvey Ratner’s inverted tee, the u-Tee’s patented design and functionality provide the hitter with a releasable modified ball (baseball/softball/wiffle ball/training ball) held by magnetic force by a high strength laminated cable system.  It’s functionality has scientifically proven to be superior to “traditional” tees in a study conducted by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland.




  • The height of the ball on the u-Tee® is selected by the hitter or coach and maintained by one of three mechanisms (vertical side releasable magnet, counterweight, or fixed attachment). The inside/outside ball position with the u-Tee® is selected with sliding of a telescoping horizontal tube system. Forward/backward ball position is accomplished by positioning of the vertical tube system.  Timing work is accomplished with the unique pendulum swinging functionality of the u-Tee®.



  •  The functionality of the u-Tee® and modified balls benefits hitters of all levels from 3 years old to adult:
  • 1. Ball presentation in any position in the hitter’s strike zone for highly effective practice and instruction.
  • 2. Ball presentation outside of the hitter’s strike zone for highly effective practice and instruction.
  • 3. Pendulum swinging of the ball to allow for highly effective “loading” and “timing” instruction and practice with reaction times that mimic 60 - 100 mph pitches.
  • 4. Ability to upgrade to higher u-Tee® models by addition of individual parts designed to be complementary to all models.  

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